While I enjoy many kinds of art, I am most fascinated with form, line, color and abstraction. One reason I love to create abstract work is that the ideas and images come from somewhere mysterious inside myself. In other words, instead of trying to represent something I’m seeing in the world, I’m following to my intuition to create something from my imagination. In making art in this way, I feel connected to my spirituality, which also involves the intuitive, the mysterious and the out-of-the-ordinary.

Also, I aim to cultivate joy in the act of creating art, and I hope that my work brings some joy to my viewers. Related to this feeling of pleasure is my interest in art as a means of healing. I believe that when people create, they are activating a vital and healing part of themselves. As George Braque said, “Art is a wound turned to light.” Maybe art doesn’t always spring from a wound, but I agree that art can help us tremendously in healing the places where we’ve been hurt.

I grew up mainly in St. Louis, Missouri, and have lived in New York City for over 25 years, most of them in Brooklyn. In 2015 I earned a MFA at the City College of New York (part of the City University of New York).  I have also taken art and art history courses at the Art Students League, Cooper Union, the Museum of Modern Art, the School of Visual Arts, the New School and Yale University. In addition, I have a Master’s degree in Divinity from Union Theological Seminary, New York City.

Thanks very much for looking at my work!